Jasper Coffee is an Australian family owned Specialty Coffee Roaster established in 1989, led by Directors Merilyn Parker and Wells Trenfield.

With deep roots in the art world, coffee has become our palette. We are dedicated to re-humanizing the coffee supply chain, and have formed strong friendships across the Coffee world in our exploration and adventure into the unknown.

Red Dust the Coffee was initiated by Outback Academy Australia to partner with Jasper Coffee in a landmark funding campaign involving coffee and Indigenous Communities across Australia.

The crux of this partnership, is to support the mentoring initiatives and the ambassadorial efforts of the Red Dust Heelers.

The Heelers are Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal athletes with a disability. They use the game of wheelchair basketball, through the National Wheelchair Basketball League, as a vehicle to enable these healing programs.

The Heelers aim to empower Aboriginal and other young people, with or without disability, to lead, mentor and inspire self- respect and to heal their cultural and social hurt, a result of rejection, trauma or grief.

Levies from sales of the coffee blend go directly to helping train more trainers, to support existing courses and enable funding for infrastructure programs as needed, and to assist the ambassadorial efforts of the Red Dust Heelers Team as required. These programs are accelerating in demand across Australia, and Jasper Coffee is very happy to help through the vehicle of our Triple Certified Sustainable coffee.

So, Drink Up and Taste the Red Dust !

Ethical Excellence $15.00 per 250g

With six single origin Fairtrade Organic coffees from around the World, we have roasted, sipped and slurped these prized beans into a recipe of sustainable reality.

Click here to learn more about the Outback Academy Australia, the Red Dust Heelers and Red Dust Healing.

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